November 13, 2019
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Dynamic Learning Center

Tel: 718–998–6481 | 121 Gravesend Neck Road, between West Street

Fitness Underground

Tel: 718–375–9795 | 724 Avenue U, between East Eighth Street

Highlawn Public Library

1664 W 13th St. between Quentin Road and Kings Highway

Kids World of Fun

Tel: 718–339–5437 | 1301 Gravesend Neck Rd., between East 13th Street and East 14th Street

Our Lady of Grace School

Tel: 718–375–2081 | 385 Avenue W, between East Second Street

Shostakovisch School of Music, Art & Dance

Tel: 718–376–8056 | 297 Ave. X between W. 1st and Stryker streets

Spartacus Academy of Sports at Hits & Hoops Sleepaway Camp

Tel: 718–998–4000 | 336 Avenue Y, between West Third Street and Shell Road

Results 1–7 of 7.

Pages: 1

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