November 13, 2019
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Harry H. Gordon School Center for Early Childhood Education, YAI/NY League for Early Learning

Tel: 718–367–5917 | 2465 Bathgate Ave., between East 188th Street and East 189th Street

Our Lady of Angels School

Tel: 718–549–3503 | 2865 Claflin Ave., between Reservoir Avenue and West 197th Street

Our Lady of Mercy School

Tel: 718–367–0237 | 2512 Marion Ave., between East 188th Street and East Fordham Road

Poe Park Visitor Center

Tel: 718–365–5517 | 2640 Grand Concourse

St. Simon Stock

Tel: 718–367–0453 | 2195 Valentine Ave., between East 182nd Street and East 181st Street

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula

Tel: 718–364–5353, (718) 364-5353 X231 | 220 Bedford Park Blvd., between Valentine Avenue

The Bronx Conservatory of Music Bronx Community College Location

Tel: 718–841–7415 | 2155 University Ave., between West 181st Street

Results 1–7 of 7.

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