November 18, 2019
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Dillon Child Study Center

Opened in 1934 as one of the first laboratory pre-schools on the East Coast, Dillon follows the child development approach to early childhood education, where the physical, emotional, cognitive and social domains of development are fostered through a play-based curriculum. Children at Dillon become confident, self-directed persons who learn to understand their world through activities involving exploration, problem-solving and cooperative action. Dillon serves 2–6 year olds in spacious classes, with 2–4 teachers per class, and St. Joseph’s College students as additional helpers. Each classroom has an observation booth for parents, and the school sports a large outdoor play area. All teachers are certified in early childhood education and the school is licensed by the Department of Health and registered with the New York State Education Department.

Where: 239 Vanderbilt Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205
Tel: 718–940–5678
Updated Mar. 14, 2018

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