January 19, 2019
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Saturday, Feb. 2 (See map view)

Start the holiday off right preparing a great gift for someone special. Make a heart pendant out of polymer clay, then create your own unique Valentine’s Day card with mixed media and paint.

When: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2–3pm

Learn how to harness melodies and lyrics into a great song! Songwriters of all levels are encouraged to take their finished work or ideas for critique and discussion. In addition, song forms in all genres are analyzed for greater insight. With instructor Nina Ossoff.

When: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2–4pm

Make your Valentine light up with these unique cards! Create a card using collage and markers, then learn how to wire small electrical tape, batteries and LED lights to create a special card that lights up! All supplies included.

When: Saturday, Feb. 2, 3–4pm

Tuesday, Feb. 12 (See map view)

Design and pattern a heart, then watch the new Glowforge in action as it laser cuts and embeds the design into wood. With graphic designer Laura Bott.

When: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 6–8pm

Results 1–4 of 4.

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