Special Needs Help: Connect the Dots

Child Development:  Connect the Dots New York is a unique and much needed resource for families and caregivers with children five years of age and under. CTDNY provides guidance in all areas of your young child’s development by coming to your home, school or daycare.   Read more…

Make Visits to the Doctor Easier for Kids

Child Development: Imagine you are 3 years old. You have a really bad pain in your tummy, which won’t go away, and now your mommy has said the doctors need to take some of your blood to test. “Taking” some blood does not sound good at all, and what if they take all the blood out and don’t give it back? The thought is so scary the child begins to panic. Read more…

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

Holidays: Gifts have changed over the years from fountain pens and the planting of trees in the Holy Land to iPods and whatever else a typical 13-year-old birthday child would want, and tend to vary greatly by community. But most often, close friends and family choose gifts that are meaningful to the occasion or something the bar/bat mitzvah can use in years to come. Read more…

Destination Bar Mitzvah

A Mitzvah in More Ways Than One

A Celebration of Achievement

Visit Teatown Lake Reservation

Concussions and the Teenage Athlete

Garden Party Celebrations

Year of No Sugar

Fun Easter Crafts: Bunny Business

3 Terra cotta pots (2 ½” diameter) Craft paint (white) Craft foam (pink, white, purple) Ribbon Glitter, sequins, other embellishments Read more…

Best Birthday Cake

Parties: City Limits Pastry Chef Tracy Kamperdyk Assue shares her recipe below. Read more…

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