December 2014
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Massage Away Stress

Visit FDR House and Museum

Travel: If you have a tween or teen in your household a day at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Home, Presidential Library and Museum is a highly recommended outing. My wife and I have a junior in high school and a eighth grader. Both are studying American history, so a visit to FDR’s boyhood home, museum and presidential library was a perfect day trip for them and for us. Read more…

Dating After Divorce?

New Year, Better Nutrition

Work & Family: One of the strongest, most lasting influences we can have on our children’s lives is in helping cultivate and shape their eating habits. When they are young they will eat (or throw on the floor) whatever we choose to feed them, no questions asked. As they get older, however, they start to develop their own tastes and the battle is on to get them to eat something other than chips, candy, pizza and sugary soda. Read more…

Best Hot Chocolate

Holidays: Sip the delicious hot cocoa at Blue Tulip while you watch chocolates being made by the team of experts lead by chocolatier and owner Diane Holland. Don’t even try and resist the truffles, swirls, chocolate bars and bark. Sign up for a chocolate making workshop here for extra fun. Read more…

10 Tips to Ease Separation Anxiety

Exodus: Gods And Kings

Sledding Safety

Safety: An activity synonymous with winter, thousands of children enjoy sledding each year. Sledding injuries vary in their severity with cuts, bruises and broken bones being the most common. Most injuries occur either when a sled hits a stationary object or when a child falls off of a moving sled. Head and neck injuries, more common among children ages 6 and under, are also possible when sledding. Read more…

Keep Your Resolutions

Hot Topics: New Year’s resolutions often fail, and it’s not because people lack willpower. You may be stuck in the same old pattern because you’re overwhelmed by detailed (and conflicting) information about how to lose weight, get fit, save money or get organized. Read more…

Penguins of Madagascar Movie Review

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