Scoop: Catholic Schools Opening and Moving Forward Together

catholic schools opening

Catholic Schools Opening

In Catholic schools today, a love of learning starts in Pre-K and continues through high school, with 99 percent of our high school seniors graduating and an overwhelming majority of those graduates going on to post-secondary education.

Catholic schools provide a curriculum based on faith, respect, and service to others. Their Catholic faith is central to what they do. They share their faith through daily prayer, sacramental preparation, and the regular celebration of Mass as a school community. They foster a spirit of Christian service as an expression of their concern for the welfare of others.

Their academic programs, based on the New York State Core Curriculum, are grounded individualized instruction aimed at helping each child improve their ability to learn. They offer courses in technology, advanced math, hands-on science and foreign language, coupled with the various forms of art study.

Their students are motivated to do their best: their Math and ELA test scores have outpaced NY State and City public schools for each of the last five years.

The Catholic school experience is an unparalleled opportunity to develop a child’s mind, heart and soul.

Since April, the Catholic Schools Re-Opening Council has worked tirelessly to prepare guidance that will ensure the safe return of their students, teachers, and staff to our school buildings in September 2020. They now have a plan — Catholic Schools Opening Moving Forward Together. Principals are currently developing localized school plans based on the needs of their communities and physical spaces. Those plans and their general opening plan are representative of the most recent guidance from government, state, and local health officials, which is changing continually.

They are committed to opening schools for five days a week for in-school instruction for all students, ensuring social distancing can safely be maintained in their buildings under the direct supervision of a teacher. We have encouraged principals to be creative with space while ensuring that the health and safety of their staff and students are primary in their decision-making. For some buildings or class sizes that cannot accommodate all students socially distanced for a full five days, plans will be created by the principal using an alternating day/week cycle. As guidance changes, plans will be updated, visit CatholicSchoolsNY.org/opening for updates.

For Kindergarten and Grades 1–8, Catholic schools across Westchester are preparing safe opening plans and welcoming enrollments for September 2020. Financial Aid is being awarded as funds are available: families who apply early have better chances of receiving aid. Click here to apply.

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