Red Velvet NYC Makes Baking Easy with their Gourmet Dessert Kits

Agathe Assouline-Lichten
Agathe Assouline-Lichten of Red Velvet NYC

Red Velvet NYC Makes Baking Easy with their Gourmet Dessert Kits

I’m one of those people who always says that I hate baking. It’s not really that I hate baking (who hates gooey chocolate chip cookies and fluffy cake?), the problem is that everything I make never seems to turn out right. Rubbery, inconsistent, and hockey-puck like cakes are my jam. So, I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to meet Agathe Assouline-Lichten, a self-taught baker, CEO and co-founder of Red Velvet NYC, in her new Westchester-based factory where I learned more about her beautiful gourmet dessert kits and how they make it easy for everyone to learn how to bake delicious treats with their simplified process.

Recently relocated from BedSty (in the Pfizer building), Agathe and her family, like many Westchester parents, was looking for more space as well as a bigger location for their growing business. While working full-steam during COVID, Agathe moved to Westchester in February and set up shop in Mount Kisco, along with the birth of her second child that same month.

With a background in luxury marketing and a passion for food (her father has a culinary background), Agathe knew she wanted to create consumer-facing baking kits that were easy, fun, accessible, and convenient for all types of bakers. After enjoying packaged meal kits from Blue Apron, she wished there was a treat that came along with the meal. The idea continued to incubate as she bootstrapped and self-funded her business, doing a little bit of everything as she built up the brand from scratch eight years ago with the Red Velvet Cupcake Kit. Since then, the line has grown to include over 100 recipes as well as seasonal additions and classics that have been a staple of the brand throughout the years. This includes Celebration Cupcakes, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Nutella Cupcakes, and Flourless Chocolate Cake.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to see the factory where all of their cookie dough skillets and baking kits are made. This includes a range of options for every level of baking ability where you’ll find kits that are easy, moderate, and difficult. This can be a great way to start your baking journey with your kids as you try out their easy kits such as the Celebration Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  For moderate bakers, check out their Brownies with Salted Carmel and Coconut Macroons. Advanced bakers can try French Macrons and Apple Tartlets.  The site also has actual cakes (like the iconic Banana Pudding with White Chocolate Cake) that you can make for special occasions and surprise your family with your newly-appointed baking skills. My kids and I made the Celebration and Cupcakes and the Brownies. I loved how everything was clearly labeled with each step covered as all we had to do was follow the steps and let our yummy creations come to life. We happily devoured our treats as we marveled at our new baking skills.

Each kit varies in how many people they serve, but cakes, for example, serve 10-12 and cupcakes serve 18. As Agathe noted, “our desserts are meant to be shared and enjoyed together.”  With a focus on sharing, celebrating, and enjoying delicious desserts, the brand quickly grew offering a way to instill the love of baking in people of all ages while also teaching them how to bake from scratch.

Inside each elegant red/white kit, you’ll find clearly labeled and pre-measured ingredients as well as a step-by-step recipe with clear and beautiful pictures. I was floored by how easy the process was where my kids and I followed each step using their collection of high-quality ingredients. In addition to having everything pre-measured it was assuring to know that part of the Red Velvet process involves sourcing some of the best ingredients out there so you don’t have to run around and try to find these specialty ingredients such as lavender buds or dutch-process cocoa.

As Agathe said, “I am obsessed with quality,” which has been one of the core missions of Red Velvet since day one. The only thing they don’t supply is the eggs and various kitchen accessories. However, you can buy a variety of accessories on their site such as whisks, baking pans, spoons, and more as well as cake accessories like candles, sprinkles, and cake toppers.

Kits can be purchased a la carte and they also have a subscription option where you can receive two kits per month, which is great for gifts or for home cooks who want to master new recipes every month.

In addition to the kits, they have recently been selling ready-to-bake cookie dough skillets. The cookies come in a pre-cut pan with already-made cookie dough that you simply have to place in your oven and serve. Flavors include Chocolate Chip with flaked sea salt, Celebration Sprinkle with white chocolate, and Red Velvet stuffed with cream cheese frosting as well as more flavors coming soon. These cookies can be purchased via online food sites such as on GoldBelly and Snack Magic — with a continued interest to find local vendors and partners. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw them at your favorite gourmet grocery store very soon.

With a mission to make baking fun, convenient, and enjoyable, Red Velvet NYC lives up to their mission, making it easier for bakers of all abilities to create, bake, and enjoy delicious treats from the comfort of their homes. After mastering my Red Velvet NYC desserts, I am officially a baking-hater convert.

Get your Red Velvet NYC kits here.